Phase Four

A response to the Daily Prompt: Phase. I’ve decided to start regularly participating in these prompts in order to create short stories related to the fictional world/universe that I am creating.


They called it Phase Four, it was supposed to be the final answer to the Hybrid threat. They told us they had developed a “pacifying agent” – some kind of viral cure. We were to round some up for a field test and pin them down indoors to make a controlled environment to see what the cure had in store.

They failed to tell us that we’d be the ones performing the procedure.

My C.O. grabbed a guy and tried to force him down for the injection. We all knew things were going to go to hell when the kid barely budged. Before we knew it the sergeant was pulled from his feet, slammed to the ground, his heavy armor singing against the coarse floor.

Two cadets jumped forward, grabbing the Hybrid, and pulled him back away from the sergeant. I fired a scorching shot in front of the others to stop them from moving and prevent a skirmish. The resonating crack drew out gasps then silence.

“Faces to the wall!” I barked at the five. I aimed my rifle at them and motion them along.

The cadets seemed jarred, the sergeant was steaming. He ordered us to hold the man down, grumbling and proceeding. It took three of us to hold him in place and we held him face down to access his back. When we exposed his back it was embedded with crystals – living crystals that receded as the sergeant went in for the spinal injection.

It was fast acting. Extremely fast acting. The man stopped thrashing as if he had died. We stepped back to observe, threatening the others to make sure they didn’t move. Then he started moaning, suddenly revived, and the sergeant ordered us to pull back. The cadets looked confused but did what they were told. The other Hybrids turned to the one we had injected and they surrounded him worrying what we had done to him. And then we were ordered to wait for pick-up.

We waited some time, idly observing the Hybrids cowering beneath our scrutiny. The entire ordeal unsettled the cadets – they squirmed and groaned and questioned our objective. I tried to quell them but inevitably there arose some unrest, aggressive bickering and detest.

The sergeant ordered a cease to squad chatter, holding up a hand and drawing attention to the Hybrid control group. The once passive group glared with death in their eyes, glowing red intent locked unto our forms. Their movement inhumane and a coarse growl escaping their throats, the Hybrids moved on us preparing to attack.

“Cadets, look alive and weapons at the ready!”

That was Phase Four.


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