Lab 210

Daily Prompt: Countless


The days had passed innumerously. I sat idly, tapping my fingers in a steady rhythm against the paneled floor. It was all I could do to keep my mind occupied…to keep my sanity – or whatever was left. The cold had raked at my mind, distorting my perception of the passing time; how long had it been? A week? Two? A month or more? I think one of the other technicians tallied us at day thirty-four.

Originally there were more of us. When the outbreak started and the emergency lights blared to life, when those monsters started tearing through the halls and terror and instinct consumed all thought, we had the majority of the facility locked down and everyone consolidated to The Director’s secure office. Less than half of us made it, either torn apart by the hybrids or mowed down by security personnel, compliments of CyGen. The other half of us were told to hang tight and await extraction – we expected a few nights…

Thirty-four days he said…I barely recall the day, the cold and the screams…the senior researcher had had enough, she demanded answers, some kind of plan or a more secure place. Just then, a miracle, a transmission from CyGen sending a rescue party and checking in. We thought we were finally getting out; we thought that it would all end. We thought we would be able to go home to our families, to our warm homes, fresh food, and friends.

Turns out they never really expected us to escape that prison.


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