Forked Kin

Daily Prompt: Fork


Born of the same yet following different paths. Siblings of Winter and servants of Death’s grasp. Each stands on their own, confident in what they must do, but weary of the other and the ambitions they choose.

For one, it is simple: the offenders must die. Mysterious and graceful, mother of rituals and the night, she seeks cheaters of death and abusers of life, those who manipulate and enslave towards their own end neglecting the balance and soul of the world in which they strive.

For the other, it is less direct: he waits for the right moment to strike. Peace above all else yet the ambition to fight, he is the keeper of dreams leaving illusions in his wake guiding those in secret preaching spirituality and the virtue of nursing the heart’s light.

Different methods, opinionate in their goal yet they are Fey Lords both, just two small parts of a much greater whole.


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