I Dream of Lords – Ringmonsieur

Daily Prompt: Circus


“Hurry, hurry!” It’s voice sent tremors through my form, surrounding my senses. I turned my head this way and that, attempting to make something of the nothing before me.

“Quit dragging. Pick up those blasted feet!” it called from corners unseen, it’s impatient call tugged at my mind. I shuffled forward, unsure of my surroundings or the ground around me. One step and then another, I trekked into the void driven by curiosity…

But who was…he?

A quaking groan shook me and knocked me from my feet down to my hands and onto my knees. I stared into the darkness ahead and it pulled at me like a quickening deep, eager to consume me.

“This is to be the most grandiose gathering in all of Cardinal Abani. You’d miss it for what? A yellow gut of uncertainty?” He scoffed and I looked up, “It’s a wonder existence itself doesn’t leave your kind behind.” Clad in red, a tall hat on his head, he bore down on me and reached out to take my hand.

Suddenly I was yanked forward, stretched through a wild current of energy and saturation. We passed through episodes, fragments in time, like watching the world go by observing from the outside. A man eating flames; a child shaping rocks; a women riding a creature; masterfully trained – each risking their life, challenging their resolve, for an existence unique to them where they are the true master, unjudged and uniquely free.


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