Daily Prompt: Childhood


The first thing she noticed was how numb she felt, as if her body was hardly there; even so, she could feel a presence holding her, guiding her by the hand through a winding forest soaked in fog. It urged her onward despite her novice limbs yet she pushed on, calling to friends along the way, in her excursions.

She knew it…she could feel it deep within; she had been born again yet she could hardly remember her past existence. There was strife, that much she could feel; even as she walked the woodland path she could sense some of her old self coming back to her as she cut deals with indigenous inhabitants and the underworld of fey society.

Eventually she adopted the name Aby, though many of her contacts preferred to call her Blue Jay; yet still, to her Mother, she was The First Druid of They, Daughter of Darkness, and Arbiter of Faith. To me she was The Dread Phoenix reborn with no lack of ambition.


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