Chief of Sector 210

They blew the locks on the access tunnel’s hatch and stepped through, one at a time as trained: move up, sweep, repeat.

He couldn’t help the tears running down his face inside of his airtight helmet. The fuming anger he felt began to fog his visor but he refused to take it off – his fireteam needed something to believe in, something to follow, not a self-destructive mess…


“Eyes forward, cadet. You looking at me isn’t going to do us any good.” He said, harshly, shutting down the conversation before it could start. The cadet gave a half nod and turned his head forward, picking up his pace to rejoin the others, they gave each other passing glances but nothing more was said as they pushed forward in their sweep of the access tunnel leading to their true destination.

The Chief held in a sigh, gritting his teeth and attempting to compose himself. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he had let everyone down – that somehow this was all his fault. Afterall, he had been entrusted with this sector. He had guided people through it’s creation. He had helped build the walls and the foundation, set the stone and pillars  and personally carried people away from the near inevitable cave ins. He felt like he had always been there for them – looked out for them – but now he was their executioner and no longer their guardian all because he didn’t step up – all because he didn’t step forward and tell CyGen that hybridation was wrong.

He had built this city…it was ironic that now he would see it to its end.


Daily Prompt: City


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