A Foreign Way

There I sat, strapped to an operation table within Doctor Kyro’s medical bay, my eyes locked onto the deep browns of my peer, Gebblen, standing in front of me. My chest heaved and my gut churned, the anxiety threatening to burst out of me. My peer reached out and touched my bare shoulder, the sensation warmed my skin almost as much as his gentle smile warmed my racing heart.

“Calm down.” He practically mouthed, my auditory implants barely registering the sound of his voice.

I took a deep breath and nodded slowly.

“We’ve practiced this, Mel. You’ll be fine. Just focus.” He reassured.

My voice came out shaky and almost at a squeak due to the anxiety welling inside of me, “you’re better at this than me…can’t you do it?” I pleaded.

“No,” Doctor Kyro’s stern voice came from behind me and would have caused me to leap forward had I not been strapped in. I had thought he was on the other side of the lab, “no he can’t. No more so than I can. I’ve told you, a completely human subject would simply be trapped in a vegetable-like state where the body and mind can no longer communicate until the anesthetic wore off. You, on the other hand, being a born-Hybrid, will naturally drift into the world of the Fey and, as long as you can manage to keep your emotions in check, you won’t get lost indefinitely.” He stated with a certain hint of ridicule.

“Sorry…” I murmured, frowning and turning my eyes away and onto one of the nearby metallic surfaces. He wasn’t helping at all – now I could add agitation and depreciation to the list of emotions I needed to quell in order to be able to do what was require of me. Gebblen lowered his face into my vision and gave me another reassuring smile – at least he appreciated me and my efforts…

Doctor Kyro placed a heavy hand on the back of my head without warning, giving me intensive to expose my cervical vertebrae.  “I would say this won’t hurt much but…” He trailed off there, failing to complete his sentence before I felt a sharp pain. I barely registered the sound of my own wailing before everything faded to black.


“Well, aren’t you a strange one.” The chipper tone came to me before anything else, “fully grown but flailing around like a babe.”

Something to focus on…I started to feel sensations again. I was drifting, weightless, but I could feel a current beckoning me.

“Ah! And here I thought you might be just another one of those brainless crazy types.”

The voice…what was it, I thought.

“It? Where did you learn your manners! I am Passionate Guidance, I’ll have you know, not just some random thing without purpose, unlike you!” A scoff came and I felt the presence drifting away from me.

And for the first time in what seemed like an eternity I felt more than just loss. I felt want. I felt a drive to chase that which I wanted!

“Oh,” this time the voice had shape. It – Passionate Guidance – floated in front of me, glowing bright like a great big fire fly, “it’s you again. Found me all on your own, did you?” A pondering hum followed and then a hearty chuckle, “alright. What’re you called?”

“Meliana.” My voice sounded nothing like how I remembered it. It was then that I realized I was hearing for the first time without auditory implants.

“Huh? Well, it sounds made up if you ask me. No, no, that won’t do at all.” Another pondering hum, “we’ll call you Outlandish Talent if anyone asks. Now listen to me carefully and do exactly as I say and maybe, just maybe, you won’t embarrass us!”


Daily Prompt: Tourist


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