A Lord of The Fey – Passion

Strength through passion, that’s what he preached. Imperator Ardor, FeyLord of Rage and Obsession, of Regality and Industry, he is the Bastard King of Revolution, The Raging Bull of War, serving naught but his own selfish ambition. His grandiose halls are draped with silken tapestry of red and orange – the blood of his enemies boiling in the eternal flames of his desire. The creatures of his domain breath grit and innovation, at home in controlled anarchy – never settling, never content – and when their liege marches to war, spearheading his armies aback a blackened Taur, war drums and horns blasting in stentorian cacophony, each knows their role and accept naught but the glory of victory and decimation of their foe. The tenacious survive to see him rise. The qualified flourish in his ravenous wake. And only those with untamed furvor could dream of commandeering his broiling throne.


Daily Prompt: Passionate

Word Of The Day: stentorian


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