Literature: Footprints of The Unknown

Written in the honor of Aaron Lunaaro, self-proclaimed Alchemist and widely considered “The Father of Planargy”, Footprints of The Unkown is a festschrift covering the studies and exploits of the late academic, most notably the years surrounding his teachings and his following of a powerful being from the alterplane known simply as The Mother.

Published only after the death of Father Lunaaro, the book saw a short lived publication and distribution before being called cultist propoganda and considered illegal. All copies of the book were rounded up by CyGen forces and were ordered to be disentigrated. One copy, however, was preserved by CyGen, presumadely to be disected for information so that they could eradicated the remaining Planargists. CyGen’s extremist reaction to these teachings served to drive the once pacifist following toward its own extremist behavior such as protests, riots, and eventually revolt against CyGen personel, property, and assets. These times came to be coined as The Rise of Planargy and the activists, the Children of Beyond, organized themselves as a religion dedicated to fighting the oppression of CyGen and spreading the values of Planargy. In so doing Footprints of The Unknown became revered as sacred text and although it was never produced in any physical format again it survives as lessons and guidelines spread only by word of mouth.

A small portion of CyGen’s highest ranking officials know of the continued existence of the original text. It was thoroughly evaluated and became the key to the tests and experiments leading to the development of Abanin Crystals as bioenergy batteries to further the limitations of cybernetics and biological manipulation. Lesser known is that it was also a key element leading up to the creation of the first of Abanancie’s Hybrids by CyGen’s own Chairman, Doctor Kirvo Aliffari.


Daily Prompt: Mystical

Word of The Day: festschrift


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