Game Review: Evolution

Coming To A Screen Near You

Evolution is the digital adaptation of the card game developed by North Star Games in 2014. It is an in-depth game based around the idea of strategic adaptation. Players are pit against one another and the environment, a complete ecosystem, in a struggle to evolve and survive in a world that is constantly changing. If you are familiar with the card game, the developers assure players that this adaptation is anything but a copy of the card game to the digital medium; rather, it is being pitched as a unique experience aimed at expanding the game as its followers know it.

Adapt, Survive, Prosper

This game flooded me with flashbacks of Spore for many reasons. The gameplay revolves around each player starting as a basic species and they must control their species to feed, shelter, and grow their new lifeform. Survival is the name of the game, often pitting players against one another and against the harsh elements of the world. Players will deal with limited resources and struggle against predators and other threats as they expand their species to greatness. This game aims to provide a lucrative and inciting challenge that never quite plays the same no matter how many times you play. After all, is it not fitting for the game about adaptation and evolution to embrace those qualities in its mechanics?

Praised for its simple rules and intuitive gameplay, Evolution is designed for a wealth of different players with a variety of personalities and qualities. This allows the player to create the perfect species in their own eyes without limiting them to a specific play style that could be considered the ‘win tactic’.

Evolution Alpha

Currently, the game is in its early playable stages and the developers are asking for players from all over the world to sign up to test out their game and help them develop the best possible game they can. North Star Games is praised by their community for being responsive and for creating their game for the best possible experience for the player over anything else. I hope to see this game go far and look forward to seeing its final release. Even though this may be their first time dabbling with the digital medium, I have now doubt they have the talent to pull it off.

Take a look at the game here and rush to the final chance to join the alpha testing here.


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