Game Review: Dead Cells

Fan-folks of Spelunky and other rouge-like titles such as Risk Of Rain are going to love this one: Dead Cells is the latest spotlight project of the Bordeaux-based indie company Motion Twin. This rouge-like title specifically draws heavy influence from metroidvania games and takes you on a beautifully treacherous journey through a dark-fantasy island castle where new and deadly challenges await you with every step.

Dungeon Crawling At Its Finest

Dead Cells is massively procedurally generated providing a unique level and challenge to each player with every individual playthrough. Motion Twin has exhausted grueling effort into producing procedurally generated gameplay that contains logic and fantastic level design – a masterfully crafted combination of automated generation and manually designed levels. Each level is coded to provide a fair challenge depending on player advancement and progression.

Rule Of Cool

From the grudgey environment to the silky-smooth animations, Dead Cells is a gorgeous game which plays as handsomely as it looks. Rouge-like games are defined by their ability to produce a hard-hitting, fast-paced, and truly challenging, experience. Dead Cells easily accomplishes these feats while maintaining a degree of story progression and character development. Each playthrough offers unique upgrades, items, and weapons for the player to test and each engagement requires a degree of thought and forethought if you hope to make it out alive.

Final Thoughts

Dead Cells is a true rouge-like title and incorporates elements such as purchased items alongside character abilities to create a true sense of adventure and exploration.  It is an intuitive game that any player can pick up and understand in time and can provide entertainment in intervals in this time of ‘nobody has any time to do anything.’

If you’re interested, send out a beta tester application here. Also, check out the official website here and don’t forget to pay respects to the developers here.

Keep on keepin’ on and stay true!


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