Game Review: Idra And The Little Fish

Game Jam builds are always a treat worth logging a few moments into. Idra and The Little Fish is no exception to this and takes the player on a particularly unique journey deep underwater where light is scarce and movement isn’t quite as us surface-dwellers understand it. Created for the ADGD Game Jam, this game is a deep-sea adventure which tests your wits and challenges the common gamer’s intuitive understanding of controls.

A Charming Treat

At launch we are introduced to a truly lovely character, Idra, your light and your goal, an angler fish girl who is hard of seeing and needs your help to navigate the dark and puzzling under-dark she has wondered upon. Though we are not graced with a voice at this early build of the game, her dialogue is poignant and endearing, rapidly motivating you to assist this ‘damsel in distress’ with all the effort you can muster.

Besides Idra herself, the greatest pull of the game are its unique controls. The developers wanted to produce a true sense of movement as a fish. A combination of altering the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys allows the player to move forward while ‘W’ and ‘S’ control pitch. As you might imagine, this can cause some issues however, as this makes it impossible to turn without moving forward and there is no backward movement allowed.

The puzzles are very simple as of right now, mostly requiring the player to collide with objects to activate them. I would like to see some more in depth puzzle but as of right now the game seems to serve more as a show of art, style, and direction, all of which maintain a whimsical charm.

Hoping for more

Game Jam build often go unfinished and it is unlikely that a complete project will be undertaken in light of this intriguing start but one can hope. Try the game out for yourself here and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or critique. With any luck, some much needed encouragement will prompt the developers to return to this project.


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