Fan Service: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

I could not believe my luck stumbling upon this one.

Sometime, somewhere, some small company managed to gather the fabled Super Dragon Balls and, after harkening the dreaded cries of trillions of fans throughout the twelve known universes, wished for the power to fulfill the battered dreams of these oppressed people. And so the divine dragon, Super Shenron, blessed these fearless heroes with the resources, talent, and relentless drive to tackle this righteous task…

Diamond In The Rough

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is regarded as ‘the Dragon Ball game that fans deserve.’ It is a fast-paced, combo-based, fighting game built within the M.U.G.E.N engine and draws much of its inspiration from other such games including Street Fighter and Darkstalkers. The game is entirely fan produced and is free to play on both Mac and PC. Its fan-made development displays some of the greatest moments of nostalgia and simply-stunning fan-service as it embodies the heart of 2D fighting games and Shonen Manga alike.

From start to finish, HDBZ dazzles with its true to genre charm and its gorgeous sprite-based art style. This arcade diamond breathes ‘the rule of cool’ from every ounce of its programming displayed in its technical, and surprisingly graceful, combat system. We all know that sound is a key part of game development and HDBZ does not disappoint, it presents the player with a harmonized blend of tones and tunes which are as much a joy to listen to as the game is to play.

Simple Yet Refined

The latest build, denoted ‘Champ Build’, appears to be the game’s ‘official release build’ and comes packed with nine unique characters, 21 series inspired stages, and nine game modes (though, admittedly, the co-op is entirely unbalanced and barely playable). The three main draws of the game will be the classic modes such as Arcade, Versus, and Survival where the player will be able to test their grit against relentless opponents and ask themselves Shonen’s most important question “do I have what it takes to become a master?”

This game holds a special place in my heart. I am an avid Dragon Ball fan and there is no easier way to get me to nerd out and go on for ages. I only found this gem, sporadically, a few days ago and I can not help but pour hours into it (no matter how frustrating it is). If you are even a minor fan of Dragon Ball, or a contender in technical fighting games, I implore you to give this game a shot.

Get It Before Its Too Late

Check out the Facebook page here to download the game and pay some respect to the developers. I would keep my eyes peeled for more characters to come – I can’t see this game fading away any time soon…

…unless the corporations have their way with it.

Keep on keepin’ on and stay true!


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