Waning Patience

Serenity; inner peace, a complete calm, a state of malleability. I could feel the room around me, the flow of warm air, the low hum of the refrigerator in the far corner, the vibrations of the neighbors dryer a floor below. People coming and going, heavy foot steps carried through the thin walls and cheap floors. A steady slow gait stopped in front of my door and the handle began to turn. I sighed, irritation bubbling unprovoked.

The door swung open, “phew!” His lumbering steps carried him across the room and with a thud he plopped down on the mat across from me. “Jeez, I’m exhausted.” As if I did not have enough clues by the way he was dragging his feet and huffing like a dog. I offered a simple “hm?” in response.

“I can’t keep up with all these sessions. And some of those guys are getting pretty good. Feels like I’m hardly the teacher anymore and just struggling to stay on top, ya know?”

I breathed deep and concentrated on what calm in the room I could still feel.

“Hey, you’ve got a few opens spots in your classes, right? Maybe you could take a few of my students? Just to give me a break.”

So what, he was loaning me students now? I finally opened and set my eyes on the smug antagonizing boor lounging across the table from me. My once tranquil face quivered and tapered into a glare.

“If they’d like to attend some of my seminars, I’d be more than happy to work with them.”

“It’d be a life saver, man, thanks.” He laid back completely and folded his hands behind his head. “I’ll have to figure out who I want to send over. I don’t think a spar would go well between some of my students and yours.”

I could feel my face twitch and contort. My chest and muscles tensed with the amount of effort it was taking for me to at least appear calm. “I’m sure we can handle it. Send whomever you like, I’m sure they have much to learn.”

My nemesis sat up, propping himself up on his extended arms, and turned his head in a sly grin, “is’at so? Ya know, that almost sounded like a challenge.”

I crossed my arms and shrugged, “take it as you will, I’m just saying: you’re students could likely due for some training in patience and control.”

He laughed, now kneeling and reaching across the table with an open hand, “a match then. Your favorite against mine. The students’ll decide for themselves whose classes they’d rather take.”

I took his hand without a second thought, clasping and shaking vigorously. And so it was sealed. Now I just had to convince my star-student…


Daily Prompt: Taper

Word of the Day: humblebrag


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