Paragon of My Heart

I glared into the twilight cityscape, the deep amber glow fading beyond the horizon out of sight. I found myself envious of the light wishing that I too could resign for the night. Behind me, muffled laughter, chatter, and song reminded me of where I was and how I regretted accepting the invite to the celebration of this trothplight.

People say you get emotional when you drink. True or not, I could feel resentment burning inside of me and I knew when it was time to shun myself to a quiet retreat. I let the chilling winds wash over me but continued to drink hoping that the anger would simply slip my memory.

“There you are.”

Her gentle rasp washed over me. My chest tightened and I took another drink. She didn’t need to know, and I would be unjust to speak, so I adopted a goofy grin as authentic as I could fake.

“Voids, it’s cold out here.” She approached, with her own drink, and leaned on the railing next to me. “People were beginning to wonder. I told ’em you were a vagabond – probably ditched for some peace. Figured I’d come lookin’ though, so what’s the deal?”

I told her it was nothing, that it was just as she called it: I just wanted some quiet and was feeling a bit crowded. She wasn’t concerned about it and admitted that she had wanted some time, just the two of us, to catch up and reminisce. We traveled back to when we were young, two kids from the sticks barely a hair away from trouble, back to when we would skip school and salvage scrap as a hustle. She was always in the lime light, smart, courageous, yet humble, and I was always a step behind simply following in her shadow.

We talked about when I left, when the war began in earnest and I signed on with a different camp. In hindsight, a stupid move to try and prove my worth. Fourteen years apart created distance and we lost touch.

“So that’s where the both of you ran off to.” Her betrothed interrupted our retrospection. “I know you’re old friends, and I don’t mean to bother, but I’m running out of jokes and the guests are getting restless without the life of the party.”

He seemed like a good guy, understanding and thoughtful, but maybe that only served to further enable my resentment.

“I’m glad you came back.” She nudged my shoulder and returned to her party, leaving me watching her step into her new life.

“I’d always planned to…”


Daily Prompt: Paragon

Word of the Day: trothplight


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