The Dazzling Scheme

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Spastic Cistern, just past the gaming floor and the muddled crowds of sinful degenerates, I spotted a man in a booth sipping casually on a stout drink and he too spotted me. He flagged me down and I made my way over, narrowly avoiding rubbing shoulders and elbows and attempts to commingle.

“Why here?” I grumbled.

“Where else? Your home? The bath-house? The streets? The Kaizar’s front stoop?” The much elder man turned his head and waved his hand, signalling across the room. “Need a drink? S’totally on me.”

I glanced over and noted a waiter, attention locked in our direction. I shook my head and lowered it still, “shouldn’t we be a bit careful? What if the Kaizar gets ear of our plan to meddle.”

My would-be host shrugged and waved off the waiter. “He’ll be none-to-pleased, probably pissed, but that’s what it means to meddle.” He grinned then sat forward, just barely speaking lower, “so, what’ve ya got?”

I sighed and reached into my satchel pulling out a roll of paper and spreading it on on the table; it was archaic documentation but at least it could be disposed of with no hope of replicating. I explained the diagram to him and made notes for clarification.

“I’ll set the plates as high as I can here, here, and here. If your technique works the way you say it the entire city will be briefly confusticated.”

He gave a short chuckle, “I like that word. I’ll keep it.” I shrugged. He pondered for a moment, nodding his head, then inquired, “how brief is brief? What about my escape?”

“A storm,” I declared. “Not my forte, but I’ve friends that can arrange it. Give us time and wait for the earth to quake.” I turned my attention back to the illustration. “You and the novitiates’ll follow this path but be quick or you’ll be trapped in one of the sectors and on your own.”

Seemingly satisfied, he sat back in his chair and finished his drink, setting his mug down as if to punctuate. “Operation Confusticate. Not bad, kid, I like it. Just remember to keep your head down. Forget the Kaizar, it’s the Cindarii who’ll tear it clean off if they suspect you.”


Daily Prompt: Meddle

Word of the Day: confusticate


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