Party Crasher

He’d been playing the estival crowd for hours aboard the cruise ship, weaseled his way in and convinced most, if not all, that he was truly one of the family. A few drinks, a laughable tale thrown here and there, and he’d secured the narrative: he was the unspoken son of the late Barney Sinclair.

Stewart, the name he’d adopted, was more loved and cared for than he’d ever be. He dazzled his new found family with song and dance and karaoke, eventually gathering mothers, brothers, and other distant family on the stage for the chorus of Outkast’s ‘Roses’ with him as the lead.

When it was all said and done, applause following, he rested himself at the bar in the corner and enjoyed a quiet drink on the tab of the Sinclair family. And, although he had no right, he sipped silently and relished in the joy of time well spent with friends and the blood of his ancestry.


Word of the Day: estival


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