Dine And Dash


“Maqola sirukaashaa! See, that’s whatcha get, with ya peanut head, for pokin’round in business that ain’t none of yours!”…


Eizak shakily rose to his feet, wincing and tenderly touching the back of his head. He grumbled as he dusted off his once pressed and pristine vest and pants. “Why’d you let a crazy person in here?”

“Why’d you go and let the crazy person loose? The hell’d ya think I was pointin’ a gun at her for anyhow?” I retorted then shook my head and sighed making my way toward the door to follow in the girl’s wake. “Come on and help me find her. And don’t get grabbed again or I’ll just shoot the both of ya and be done with it.” Eizak mumbled a snark ridden “oh, great” but picked up step behind me nonetheless.

The interior garage door opened to a wide circular hall joining each of the rooms in the house. Directly across the hall from the garage door was a door leading into the modest living and dining area which could be crossed and opened to the opposite side of the house to a small extension what was my store front. Following the hall to the left lead around to stairs leading to a bedroom atop the centralized living area; to the right, a series of storage closets and areas as well as a bathroom. Soft light poured in through circular windows spaced evenly along the rounded ceiling.

The good thing was: there was no way out besides the garage and the front of the shop which needed a code to activate the roll-up door. Once Eizak and I were through the garage door I shut it and punched the lock-down code into the nearby pad to ensure that they were no way she could escape.

From the door in front of me, leading into the central room, I could he clattering and the sound of the girl rummaging through my belongings. I pushed the keypad and the door swished open in time for me to see a scurrying raider dashing out of the opposite door with packages of condensed food tumbling to the floor behind her as she headed left.

“Ya ain’t really givin’ me a lot of reasons to not shoot you!”

“Yeah, no wonder she’s running from us.” My counterpart snarked.

I glared and turned back, ready to head her off in the hall and hopefully corner her in loft. The rhythmic chime of my shops doorbell put pause to my plan. I sighed, reluctantly holstered my gun, and briskly walked to the front of the shop and rose my voice to tell whomever was on the other side of the door to come back later.

“You best go ahead and open this door, Mister Dalaran.”

The Marshal. I grumbled, punched in the code to raise the door about half way, then slapped on my best smile and crouched down to address the Marshal. She wore a voluminous hat and was clad in a dusty poncho with an insignia stitched into the right clavicle. Across her back, a long rail-rifle, and on her hip, a sleek, snub-nosed sidearm. She looked down at me, arms crossed and face wrought with a stern lack of amusement.

“Good’noon, Wendy.” I chimed. And from the boy crouched just beside me, “Good’noon, Marshal Meiborne,” and then use together, “what can we do ya for?”

She blatantly brushed off the pleasantries. “Little bird tells me ya brought someone new in. Then I got someone tellin’ me there was weapon discharge comin’ from your residence. What the hell’s goin’ on?”

A resounding shatter and then echo of cascading glass caused the three of us to freeze. Confusion at first and then it dawned on me: the bedroom sky light.

Both Eizak and the Marshal looked to me, the former wide-eyed, the latter with her brow risen expectantly. I wracked my brain for something to say but before I could even begin to spin a half-decent tale, a bundle of tattered rags dropped from the roof like a rock just behind the Marshal; a thick cloud of dirt and dust bloomed and from it a wispy figured scrambled and dashed out.



Daily Prompt: Dash


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