Bumbling Through Pleasantries


…Sunny, stood up and Eizak broke into a wild smile. A ghost of a smile grazed her lips before she looked at me again and I played with the idea that she had accepted the name out of nothing but spite….


“Alright, Sunny,” the Marshal started, “this is Eizak,” she introduced the anxious young man who then flashed his best smile, “and Mister Dalaran – Aarden.” She thumbed at me where I leaned, cross armed, against the outside wall of the cubicle. I was ready to leave. “I know you and Mister Dalaran ain’t gotten off to a friendly start here but his place is gonna have to be your residence, for now at least.”

The girl, Sunny, frowned and looked toward me but said nothing. I caught her disdainful eye and rolled my own. The Marshal sighed, “if’n y’all cause any more trouble, I’m kickin’ ya both out on the dunes. Save me the time and energy.” She turned her eye specifically on me. I was the next to sigh.

“We ain’t gon’ cause no trouble, will we, Sunny?” I inquired and she answered with a slow and reluctant shake of her head. “Eizak?” I questioned the boy too and he snapped an exaggerated salute followed by a sharp “no sir.”

“‘Spose that’s that then.” I shrugged and stood up straight, “we done here, Marshal?” Wendy took a moment to look over the three of us before she gave another sigh, this one heavier followed by a hand to her brow and a slight yet dismissive wave. She watched me take the two adolescents, in silence, down the hall until we vanished from her sight.

I strode ahead in complete silence, wracking my brain for solutions to the troubles I had found myself in; a shattered sunroof in my rented home doubling as a storefront; damages to a civilian home; damages to a registered vendor’s stall; stolen vehicles charges – all-the-while Eizak was giving Sunny the rundown of the town through bumbled words, pointing out every nook and cranny and playing up his own importance in working with the peace keepers.

“Oh, we’re here,” he exclaimed, mid-story, as we approached, “er, you might recognize it, but uhm, this is Mister Dalaran’s shop. I like to call it ‘The Dastardly Scavenger,'” A nervous chuckle escaped him, “but Mister Dalaran says I’m bad with names and that’s more fit for a saloon.”

We reentered the homestead through the half raised roll-up door. Eizak continued to bumble and ramble while leading Sunny through and into the living area. I walked a round of the house, picking up the stray packages of food that the urchin of a girl had gotten into, and checked the garage to make sure nothing had gone missing since I left. After that, I made my way back to the living area only to find Eizak still rambling.

I interjected with an agitated ‘harrumph’, “alright, we got work to do. I need my truck unloaded and y’all geared up. Dual eclipse should be passin’ ‘for long and I want y’all ready to head out. I wanna check out that wreckage you came from.” I nodded toward Sunny. “Looked as if raiders gotcha good but don’t look like much of noone made it outta there. Where were y’all headed?”



Daily Prompt: Bumble

Word of the Day: harrumph


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