The Lollipop Rule

“There’s that lickspittlin’, rat toothed, mangy cuck, right there.” My newly introduced brother in arms pointed across me at a single car slowing down in front of the two story house we had stopped around the corner from. Music was thumping down the block and people poured out of the house, over the balconies, and into the yard. The man in question could only be identified by the path which cleared before him and the procession of swaggering thugs following.

“You familiar with these, toddy?” My brother popped the glove compartment in front of him and pulled out two small lollipops from, what had to have been, a compostable chip bag – the obnoxious crinkling brought more disdain than the demeaning diminutive he’d given me.

My eyes turned from the colorful, flavor representative, hard candies in his hand onto his honestly inquisitive face. He had to be teasing me, “yeah. They’re fuckin’ lollipops.” I curled my lip.

“But what do they mean?”

“Quite fuckin’ with me.” I sighed, waving him off and turning my head away. I leaned back in my seat and looked over the house we’d parked across the street from. “Ain’t we got something to do, or did you bring me out here thinkin’ it’d be funny?”

“Ain’t nothin’ that funny to have me stuck up in a car with you. Quite bein’ arrogant and take one of these.” He was holding the lollipops out to me and I took one. He nodded. “When I step outta this car, we start eating these and when it’s gone, when there ain’t not more candy on the stick, the deal’s done gone on too long – you come in after me, understand? Tell me, I ain’t gotta teach you how to shoot, now.”

I shook my head and began to reach for my under-steer gun mount. He slapped his hand down on my forearm, “your ass is too damn intense, that’s what’s wrong with’ya.” He leaned to reach into the back of the seat and pulled a small, yet heavy, dufflebag forward, “do what I tell ya and maybe you won’t end up dead.” He opened his door and stepped out, straightening his casual jacket and pants, and then he leaned back in to the car, tearing the wrapper off of the lollipop he had kept.

“Not until the end, alright?” He inquired and I nodded. He smiled, “alright,” then stuck his lollipop into his mouth and I did the same.


Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Word of the Day: lickspittle

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