The Hidden Truth



“Looked as if raiders gotcha good but don’t look like much of noone made it outta there. Where were y’all headed?”


She turned her attention from Eizak’s prattling stories and rested her spiteful gaze on me. I could feel my blood boiling even before she spoke, “they don’t tell us.” She stated and turned her head back to Eizak.

The boy must have seen the vein erupting from my skull, “Sunny, I’m interested, who’re they?”

“The Masters.” She indulged, “Humans. Like him.” she corrected and motioned toward me, “those who train us.”

I was fed up. Eizak’s face twisted with further inquisition but I stopped him, “look, we’ll play the question game later. Go’n’unload the truck and I’ll find proper gear for little Miss, here.” Eizak nodded, stood and excused himself of Sunny, then rushed past me toward the garage.

I waited until he was out of earshot to speak then stepped further into the room and let the door slide shut. “Look, I ain’t got nothin’ to do with your Masters, alright?” She looked up to me and said nothing. “Whatever’s goin’ on Beyond The Sea I cain’t testify for, all I can say is: it wasn’t me. I ain’t one of them,” She gave no response. She just sat there, calm and unmoving. Disbelieving.

I huffed and shook my head and lumbered toward the fridge. I pulled, from beneath it, a large tray full of cooled water and I set it on the counter next to me.  I tossed two at her. She caught them effortlessly.

“Drink one of them then take this water here on to the garage. Then you and the boy come on back in here and we’ll get ya’ll geared up. Understand?”

I briefly wondered if I was being too commanding and reinforcing the accusation that I was kin to her acclaimed masters. She gave no verbal response but stood and came near. She set the two bottles atop the water tray and lifted it, slightly wavering, then headed for the door. I sighed knowing this obedience would only come back to haunt me.


The proud roaring of my trucks engine filled the air. I stepped up and planted myself in the conditioned interior. An eye to my charge; one grinning and swaying with excitement; the other arms crossed and silent. Both goggled and draped to the the teeth in protective gear. I opened the garage, backed out, and navigated the town until we passed the gate and took to the dunes. Eizak ogled the sand and the distant tarns, and the blistering heat which had long turned something living to tar. The girl joined him, surprisingly, and they both sat with their face pressed to window.



Daily Prompt: Dormant

Word of the Day: tarn


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