A Plunge Into Uncertainty


I opened the garage, backed out, and navigated the town until we passed the gate and took to the dunes. Eizak ogled the sand and the distant tarns, and the blistering heat which had long turned something living to tar. The girl joined him, surprisingly, and they both sat with their face pressed to window.


A thick cloud of scorching sand billowed in our wake moving along the beaten path through the shimmering desert dunes. I could hardly recall exactly where the wreckage where I had found Sunny was but figured we’d eventually run into it since I had spotted it from the road the first time around. I did recall, however, that the ride from there to town had been fairly long, I remembered enjoying winds whistling and the relative silence – I would get no such pleasantry this time around.

“That language you bickered with Mister Dalaran in before,” Eizak had turned his inquisitive nature back to Sunny, “does everyone from Beyond The Sea speak it?”

I let go a heavy grumbling sigh, “don’t’cha think she’s gotten enough of your questions?” I shifted my eyes and glared.

He frowned and pushed himself back against the chair he and Sunny shared. He crossed his arms and mumbled, “someone has.”

Sunny said nothing and I glanced over to see that she had her eyes closed. Another few moments passed before Eizak huffed and starting repeating slow and monotonous, “dune. Dune. Rocks. Shrub. Dune. Tree. Shrub. Dune…”

“Alright!” I barely contained yelling, “I’m gunna hum a tune and your gunna tap out a beat to accompany.” It was an old focusing technique. I had hoped to play to his curiosity and stay him from annoying me. “It ain’t gotta match, mind, just feel the rhythm and join in, alright?” I registered a nod out of the corner of my eye and then took a deep breath.

I started off something slow and simple, leaving plenty of space for him to improvise. He didn’t pick up at first, moments passed and I spoke, “well, don’t just sit there bumfuzzled. Anything’ll do.” I urged and then picked up the hum again. The steady vibration played along with the rumbling of the engine and the whistling of air passing through. Eizak tested a few different improvised instruments until he settled on a simple palm against his lap and a variation of knuckles against the passenger window pane.

I found myself smiling, bobbing my head and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel in tandem with Eizak combining to create a low and slow hum drum and beat.

“There was lighting in the water,” Sunny’s sheepish voice rose above the improvised orchestra. It fit perfectly and despite out shared surprise Eizak and I managed to keep tempo.

“There was lighting in the water,
tearing through the sky.
I could feel the sea grow warmer,
salt burning in my eyes.
There was lighting in the water,
shocking me inside.
it felt like numbing fire,
urging me to die.

It wouldn’t take my life.
Freedom on my mind.
Keep moving and in time,
Freedom would be mine…

turns out that was just a lie…”

“Sunny,” I began. The three-way jam session had since turned into a solo, Eizak the first to trail off followed by myself just before the end. I did not have the chance to get another word out before my senses set ablaze. I slammed on the brakes and veered to the right just in time to avoid a streaming bolt of sparking light collide with my truck. Even so, the impact with the ground sent out a shock-wave and propelled the stout vehicle into a side-long tumble of metal and sand.



Daily Prompt: Hidden

Word of the Day: bumfuzzle


5 thoughts on “A Plunge Into Uncertainty

    • Thank you, thank you =] It’s a bit of a side-series I am working on so you definitely will see a continuation in the future.

      I did swing by and read your post. The fact that you went through that is both terrifying and impressive. I didn’t know what they taught for CPR could be applied to animals just the same. That definitely rekindles my want to learn myself. Thanks for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

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