Pestering Ideals


I slammed on the brakes and veered to the right just in time to avoid a streaming bolt of sparking light collide with my truck. Even so, the impact with the ground sent out a shock-wave and propelled the stout vehicle into a side-long tumble of metal and sand.


Without thought, I whipped my arm out and over both my younger companions. What good it would do I was not convinced. Inertia threw us from one side of the vehicles to the other. At first it was too fast for me to count. Once? Thrice? And then everything slowed down to a crawl; shattered glass and broken bits of frame; sand and rock and shards like a swarm rolling with us; Eizak’s twisted face, his eyes wide with despair in contrast to Sunny’s own deadened lax – blood matted strands of her ebon hair to her forehead. Another roll rocked me and a sharp pain knocked the next few moments from memory.


I woke to a familiar chill. Comforting. Homey.

I opened my eyes to a room of soft light, muted, with a dark sky beyond the window.

I was in bed, draped in woolen fabrics, and surrounded by familiar knick-knacks: a picture of my grandfather proud in his uniform; the framed fragment of armor from a soldier; a handcrafted badge from a servant reunited with her family. I sighed and sat up, my body free of pain, and leaned my head against the headboard behind me. I breathed in the comfort of my own estate. At the fore of my bed a figure sat with their back to me. They slowly turned as I rose.

“Looks like we finally found you.” The voice was sultry and rough.

I turned over in my bed and kicked my legs over the edge, feet touching the cold stone floor. The voice was familiar to me as well, though I had not heard it for some time. The voice of my executioner. 

I grinned. “I should be flattered, really. A second assassin? Though, maybe the Council just doesn’t trust you after the last attempt.” 

The figure turned fully, her face sour with venom, “I did my job!’ She snapped, her yellow eyes flaring with her passion, “whether you rise from the grave or not is none of my concern.”

“And, yet, here you are.”

She turned her head dejectedly, “It’s a stain on my reputation…”

I chuckled and shook my head, “so I’m just a pest you need to make sure is dealt with?”

“Yes.” She refused to look at me.

Just then, the door burst open. A young girl, black of hair, waspy by all means, “Dalaran!” I snapped to my feet and took a single step before turning an eye to my host. She grinned and shrugged, making no attempt to stop me, “just don’t bore me.” She winked before I stepped through the threshold…


A tingling numb returned to me. A dull nagging at my skull. The smoldering husk of my truck encompassed me but I kicked away debris to find myself free. I fought off the fog and worked my way to my feet , my body screaming for me to just admit to defeat.  I could hardly tell the difference between the heat of the dual suns and the fire building up around me. I attempted to stand strong, survey my surroundings, but ended up teetering and slouching against the up-turned side of my once proud tug.

“Ah. Good.” A mocking voice in front of me. “They wanted you alive. Up until now I didn’t truly understand. But now – yeah – now, I get it.” He chuckled. My vision slowly returned to me and the blurred kaleidoscope of colors turned to shapes. I could make out his pale skin and his half smirk-sneering face; his tousled dark hair; the dense robes of the Ice Black Circle.

“I’ve never had the honor,” he stepped toward me and reached out. I tensed and he recoiled. A smile lingered on his face, “I’ve been sent to put an end to you. Out of respect for what you have done for my people, I would see you in fair combat. Whether you accept or not, know, I will kill you.”



Daily Prompt: Pest

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