Fog Of Combat


“I’ve never had the honor,” he stepped toward me and reached out. I tensed and he recoiled. A smile lingered on his face, “I’ve been sent to put an end to you. Out of respect for what you have done for my people, I would see you in fair combat. Whether you accept or not, know, I will kill you.”


A chuckle escaped me, something mixed between a cough and a scoff, and I stood up straight, shaking off the aftereffects of the wreck.

My would-be-attacker tilted his head, “are you delirious? I am in no mood to bore myself with a handicap.”

Just then, movement from the wreckage behind me. I turned slightly to see Eizak’s dusty head slowly coming out through the door I had kicked free. He was moving slow, dragging Sunny along with him. I looked back to the man who had attacked us and he waved his arm dismissively as if I had been asking permission. I turned around and grabbed Eizak under the arms to assist him and Sunny out of the smoldering car.

“Sunny’s not moving.” We got her laid out in the sand. Eizak positioned himself at her side, he was favoring one leg and though I couldn’t see the damage I did not think he would be able to stand.

“You actually named her?” I could hear his smirk, “that’s precious; though, I suppose I should expect nothing less. The Godfather of Servants.” He broke into another short chuckle. “Oh-fourteen is fine. She is only doing what she has been trained to do when faced with immediate danger.” He crossed his arms and gave an impatient sigh, “are you going to accept my offer or should I –”

I had heard all I had cared to hear and whipped around, drawing my sidearm and firing a searing shot in one fluid motion. It was enough to surprise my attacker however the shot only grazed his shoulder scorching his robes and his flesh. Either I had not shaken the haze yet or he was fast enough to react. I fired successive shots which served to answer my question: it was the latter. I was firing at a blur and closed the distance in a flash. He made short work of disarming me, twisting the weapon from my hand, and hip-tossing me into the hard sand.

“That was rather uncouth. I think you’ve been spending too much time with these dune-rat savages” He brought his fist down toward my head but I rolled away and sprung to my feet. When I turned I looked into a fog of dancing sand thrown up by the impact. He burst through, punching and advancing with a ferocity I could barely contend.

I attempted to return the pressure but he saw my attacks coming and eventually caught my arm under his own and twisted, pushing against my elbow. Before I knew what was happening he struck my face with three hard palm-strikes, I took a knee and a push kick to the stomach then a hard kick to the face which sent me reeling through the sands.



Daily Prompt: Foggy



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