The Dynamic Trio


Before I knew what was happening he struck my face with three hard palm-strikes, I took a knee and a push kick to the stomach then a hard kick to the face which sent me reeling through the sands.


I tumbled and skid until I finally came to a stop face down in the desert grit. My head was pounding, my body screaming, and as I pushed myself to my feet, my vision danced attempting to piece together the world around me. I could feel sand in my clothes, scraping against my skin, and a good bit in my mouth which I ground against clenched teeth.

“I got my hopes up and now you’re just going to bore me?” My attacker rose his voice from somewhere in front of me what was still blurry. “If you’re not even going to try – if you’re just going to roll over and die – do me a favor and stop squirming.”

He was a mouthy, I thought, and I wondered when The Circle started teaching ‘The Art Of The Taunt.’ I imagined they would give it that sort of pretentious name…

Focus, dammit. I urged myself. I took a deep breath, attempting to center myself, but I could not quiet the disharmony of my mind. Pain both physical and emotional. Anger at my own weakness and inability. Worry for the two young souls caught in the middle of my shit.

Fear of facing Death’s door again.

A voice tugging at my mind: We need you.

“Don’t think I won’t kill you as well, Oh-Fourteen.”

My eyes snapped open. Some clarity had returned. I could make out two figures twisting and striking at and around each other. Sunny?

Worry. Anger. Pain. I could not quiet the disharmony of my mind but I found a focus. I found the valor to protect my partners.

I shook the chains what had frozen and dazed me and blazed across the sand to join my young partner in our struggle. The closer I drew the more I could feel a surge flow through me. Our attacker was unprepared and began to stumble back on pure defense. Our efforts turned into a wild dust storm of whirling sand and striking limbs.

We attacked together but we were not in sync. Our rage induced mistakes and lack of experience eventually turned to our opponent besting us. He separated us briefly then took us down one after the other. We were both laid flat on the sands and he looked on us both, grinning, channeling energy in either hand that would erase us.

I heard a familiar discharge. The blasts of energy that was meant for me and Sunny flew skyward. There came a second shot, and then a third followed by strained cries. I rolled over and got to my feet. Our attacker was down; Eizak knelt a few yards away with a sidearm in hand; Sunny was stumbling across the sand until she reached the incapacitated attacker and began to wail on him. Expletives and rage flew from her tongue.



Daily Prompt: Partner


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