A Beacon Back Home

I noticed a single shimmer in the dark. A glint of light immeasurably distant. Curiosity called me toward it but I fumbled with movement. I turned my sight downward to observe myself but could see nothing in the dark. I attempted to move my arms but nothing came of it. I could feel nothing – no physical form.

“Are you well?” A wispy voice. All encompassing.

I searched for a source but found none.

“I-I’m not sure.” My own voice was foreign to me. There was no air in my lungs. No familiar lap of my tongue.

“You meant to say no, friend, but no worries. You’re new here, innit?”

Where was ‘here’ even? I attempted another survey of my surrounding but still nothing but the shimmer in the distance. “Yes.” I replied.

“A good, solid, answer. Don’t worry much about the twists and the kiz, yeah? You’ll get lost for an eternity. Can you see anything?”

I focused on answering my incorporeal benefactor, “yes. A distance light. There is nothing else.”

“That’s me!” The voice exclaimed jubilant. “Well, get yer toody on over here.”

I turned my gaze back downward. I had no legs. No body. How was I to move?

“Don’t go that way, ya git. What’d’ya want to get nailed to the ground forever?”

I turned my gaze back up toward the glint. A thunderous sigh surrounded me.

“You wanna get to me?”


The light grew larger. Closer. I was moving?

“Startin’ to get it now?”

Maybe? Yes! There was nothing stopping me from getting there. I locked my eyes onto the shimmer, told myself that’s where I was going, and the light grew and grew until it engulfed my vision in a brilliant white.

I opened my eyes to curious face and grey locks like a canopy surrounding me. Their nose was practically touching mine.

Their face lit up with a triumphant smile. She bit her bottom lip as if holding back her own joy. Her eyes shimmered. Her voice cracked when she spoke.

“Welcome home.”


Daily Prompt: Shimmer

Word of the Day: palsy-walsy


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