Glaring Wounds


…she reached the incapacitated attacker and began to wail on him. Expletives and rage flew from her tongue.


I gathered myself and shook off the lingering pain of recent. I called out, “Sunny,” but she paid me no mind. I had to pull her off of the man, his face now swollen, her knuckles bruised and bloodied. She screamed.

“Why do you protect him!”

A strained, coughing, chuckle, “because that is his way.”

She gritted her teeth, his voice a trigger, and fought to pass me. I walled her and she glared. Every ounce of me screamed; I was too tired to fight her. “Sunny.”

She stopped and looked away but the deep scowl never left her face.

I pled, “check on Eizak.”

She huffed and pulled away, fuming across the sand to crouch at Eizak’s side. I exhaled and thanked Quriin.

“Enjoy that comfort, Godfather.” The man coughed and grinned, blood spilling from his mouth. I neared him and knelt down. The super-heated slugs had scorched clean through his body and left glaring holes what would have already killed any Human.

His bright eyes searched my own with inquisitive intent. A smirk stretched his lips, “damn meddling kids.” He coughed, blood spittle sprinkling his face.

“Why the hell’d they send you for me? How’d they know I survived?” I demanded.

“You’re a stain on her reputation.”

My face soured further and I glared, “and why didn’t she come herself?”

“You’re a stain: a nuisance at best.” He grinned, his teeth tinted red. “Besides, compared to The Mother you’d be little more than a pest she’d swat.” His voice was weakening, his inflections gurgled and his tone straining. “When I don’t return, they will know where to find you, and more will come until you lie dead.”

I sighed and stood, finished with his dying rambles. I turned to stop at Eizak’s side, Sunny next to him, his head on her lap. She turned her bright eyes up to me. Eizak’s face was twisted in a grimace but he endured silently.

“His leg is crushed. I was no trained to heal.” She reported then looked past me to the man I had left for dead, “did you end him?”

“He’s on his way out.”

She seemed dissatisfied with this and slowly stood and rested Eizak’s head on the ground. She picked up the weapon he had used to save our lives.


She ignored and moved past me and glared down at the dying man. He looked up at her, still grinning even as life faded from him.

“Zero-fourteen. Enjoying you semblance of freedom?”

Her face twisted with a snarl, “Sunny,” and she pulled the trigger. The weapon fizzled. She pulled again, and a third time. The dying man cackled. Sunny screamed, and in a fit of rage she bashed in the man’s skull again and again until I pulled her off of him.

“Get a hold of yerself!” I snatched the blood splattered gun away from her.

“You don’t control me! And no longer will they!”

“I’m not trying to control you.” I huffed and ran fingers through my sand infested hair. I did not want to argue with her – not there. Not that it would have gotten us anywhere. I holstered the weapon and gave one last glance to our mutilated enemy before a heavy sigh escaped me.

“Come on, it’s gunna be a long walk back home.” I moved past her toward the truck overturned smoldering truck. Hopefully we could salvage some supplies.



Daily Prompt: Glaring



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