Willy-Nilly Tramp (3/4)


…I had willingly provoked people that had no qualms about assaulting those that did not agree with them. It also occurred to me that in my few short years as a Pilgrim, I had never had to physically defend myself….


I started to slowly back away from the agitated men stalking toward me. Whatever buzz they may have had seemed absorbed and turned fuel toward their growing animosity. My heart raced and my body screamed for me to flee but some strange part of me, perhaps pride or some unrealistic sense of duty, could not humour the idea of turning tail and allowing those men and their comrades to go unchallenged in their oppressive ways.

I scoured my mind for a plan. I was not foolish enough to plant my feet and let them surround me. I could not focus my mind to muster a cantrip; there was hardly enough around but sand and pebbles; the bandits seemed to be purposefully backing me toward the saloon – eventually I would find myself in an even worse predicament.

“Not so smart mouthed now, is ya?”

“Well, I figured I’d give you all some time to fully comprehend my last sentence; however, if you believe you have a grasp of the curriculum we can proceed.”

Clearly, I had lost my mind in the wastes at some point in time.

The most ornery of the three snapped, roaring like a beast, and lunged swinging wide at my head. Instincts took over and I narrowly avoided an aggressive rearrangement to my gentle facial lineaments. It was a fumbling movement and I tripped over my own feet, falling backward and twisting. I landed on my hands and knees and scrambled, grabbing a handful of sand and flung the brittle dust wildly into the face of my assailant as he closed in. He hollered and I swung out a leg, careening him into the gritty ground.

In that moment I felt a rush wash over me. Burning hot adrenaline coursed through my veins and my body shook mixed with fear and excitement. My own elation froze me and the two other bandits were beginning to surround me.

“You’re drakkin’ dead, drifter!” The man screamed as he stood up, his eyes an itchy irritated red.

The words left his mouth followed by a dull thunk. His body reacquainted itself with the ground. The other two had drawn weapons at this point, daggers and other improvised weapons of which they had aplenty. They turned their backs on me to address the new danger and I snapped into action – the adrenaline bringing with it dormant lessons.

You could call it little else than being enamored with conflict – with the sense of danger and racing adrenaline and the threat of everything going wrong in the blink of an eye…

I reached out through the Veil and latched onto the ankles of the men who had turned from me. I sudden tug slammed them flat on their face followed by a thunk to each of their heads.

“See, I knew ya had it in ya.” Evergreen’s voice from the moon lit darkness.

His silhouette beget armor and as he approached to help me up I noticed a dark smear across his eyes – a club like weapon leaning on his shoulder. A gilt in the darkness from his artificial tooth.

“Check it out.” He pulled me to my feet and led me back to the buggies. “They’ve been storin’ up a little but they gotta have a camp of sorts. Ain’t no way their take is from here alone else this town’d be ransacked and these folks made slaves.”

“I’ve gotta plan.” He grinned and lanked an arm about my neck to pull me in.


Daily Prompt: Enamored(8/30), Memorize

Word of the Day: lineament(8/30)


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