For The Imperium

Observations and interview of a captured Field Medic of The Imperium. Subject is a Saiyadorei, little more than a slave in his homeland. His mutilated form was recovered from a warzone. The Tech-Sages were able to piece together his consciousness…

First Session

05/23 – The capturee awoke during procedure screaming and fainted shortly there after.

Second Session

05/23 – Procedure complete and cybernetics operational – consciousness and cybernetic body assigned to Observation Unit 011. Capturee awoke hysterical and thrashing, repeating a single phrase: “My blood for The Imperium.” Capturee continued to rehearse this mantra periodically while going in and out of consciousness.

Third Session

08/23 – Capturee appears to be cognizant. An assistant spoke to him and was able to recover a name from broken speech. He called himself FM-061-2020. He is surprised to be alive.


09/23 – Capturee seems to be regaining much of his consciousness. Cybernetic body paces the room and thrashes constantly – sometimes presses to the wall and searches for an exit. Capturee seems to be aware that he is being monitored.

Fourth Session

09/23 – Senju Gusar begins an interviewing session with the Capturee. The session starts with a few basic questions before the Capturee lunges at the Senju, intent on strangling him. The Senju orders the simulation not terminated and allows the Capturee to murder his virtual form. The Capturee is left within his confines with a corpse. After some hours he brutalizes the corpse and attempts to kill himself with bone. His cybernetic body falls dormant but his consciousness remains.

Fifth Session


“You realize you’re stuck here until we get what we want, yes?”

“I do.”

“So you’re ready to talk, then?”

“I am.”

“Good. You were once a soldier, yes?”

“I was.”

“What was your role?”

“Glorified medic.” He spat.

“Glorified? You did not believe in your own practice?”

“There was no ‘practice’! We didn’t help anyone – we made sure their dying breath served the Imperium. Calling us medics was a sick joke.”

“How did you do it?”

“Necrotizine. Injected directly into the dying subjects veins. You ever seen something like that?”

“Can’t say I have…”

“We’re the only ones who ever see how it really works. We’re the only ones who watch a soldier shattered, mangled, bones twisted, writhing, begging for escape. We smile. We tell them it will be okay. Then we jab them with this drug what narcotizes them. You know what happens after that?”

“I don’t.”

“I’ve been there! It isn’t an end it’s a goddamn nightmare! Your mind twists in on itself and, in a fluid instance, you see everything that you’ve ever felt. You see everything. Every failing; every shortcoming; every time you felt like you were nothing. Sure, you can handle it in segments but it never goes away and when it comes rushing at you it just…” He trails off and there is silence for several seconds before the Capturee began again.

“We were doing that to good people. Honest men. Soldiers just fighting for what they believed in. We took everything and then, at the end of it all, we turned all that they were into a weapon. All for the Imperium.”

“For the Imperium…”


Daily Prompt: Continue

Word of the Day: narcotize


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