Ever Seeking

The waivering flakelets of snow let me know that I was near the ends of my homeland. Soon I would cross the unmarked border into the inscrutable Infinite Oasis where my hunt would begin in earnest.

It was not until the humidity began to cling to my skin that I truly felt like I was in a foreign, uninviting land. I was forced to remove the many layers of our Order to accommodate the near swamp-like biome; it was unlike anything I had ever experienced and my previous studies hardly touched the surface of the taxing weight I felt just attempting to move in such a land; however, despite the fatigue and unease of my body, I felt a clarity of mind and I knew that I stood in the sacred land surrounding Panguur’s Heart.

I had nearly dragged to a stop before I heard a gentle ‘tsk’ tug at my ear and when I turned my head I found a daunting creature looming over me, hanging by its tail from a a tree over head, its tooth-filled maw hung agape and its golden eyes locked firmly upon me. After a moment, it seemed to grin.

“You can see me then, hm?” It offered a wheeze, something akin to a laugh, its tongue looming from its mouth as it lowered and flipped around to stand level with me.

“What is it you seek, simalucrum?” I wrinkled my nose and turned my brow.

“Why, your material vessel, of course; afterall, it won’t do you much good here.”

“And what do I get out of this trade?”

The creature “hmm’d” and paced momentarily. “To finally be free of this confine…” It appeared to weigh its options. “I could lead you to the quarry you track.”

“The Hermit of the Oasis.” I clarified, not to be sleighted by this immoral sprite.

“Yes, I can lead you to him. Whether he wishes to deal with you, however, does not involve our deal.”

“Lead me to the Hermit and you shall have my physical body.” I clarified again, weary still of any tomfoolery.

“Yes, yes. The contract is written,” It turned down its lips in displeasure, annoyed at my thorough approach. “For you mortal flesh I shall provide the location of the Hermit.”

A verbal contract was all that was needeed.

The ethereal creature of the Void led me through the taciturn lands of the Oasis until we came to the remote corner that was revered as the hermitage at which my prey sqaundered his time. It was underwhelming, at the least, little more than cave hole in the side of a mountain wall. The most remarkable feature was the massive elder entenpyr lounging amongst a field of kept grass. It turned his head up toward us and bore a weary glare.

“This was our deal, I have shown you your hunt – ” The creature what had shown me the path seemed eager to be on its way.

“You will reap naught ’till I see the face of my quary!” I stood strong against the trickery of such a sprite.

It was then that the creature lurched and pinned me beneath his weight. He bore down, teeth bearing, eye ablaze and claws digging into my arms and thighs.

“That wasn’t the contract.”


Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

Word of The Day: Flakelet

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