No End In Sight

Sometimes I think I have lived too long…

I used to teach: I would tell my pupils, “Life is long; however, there is never enough time. Tempus fugit – time flies; you must be wise and concise and let no opportunity pass you, lest it be lost to time.”

I used to motivate: I would teach them of passion and strength of will and of sacrificing oneself for the loves of ones life. I would speak to them of their adopted pedigree, of the Paladins that joined before them and the battles they fought.

I used to believe: There was a time in which I would have stood on the front lines, chanting and marching Revolution’s Charge, shielding common soldiers and hurling Alchemist’s Fire alongside the most steadfast of our Order. I would have died in ignorance, believing in a cause and happy to embrace it. My life should have ended there, with them, at it’s peak.

The war had ended with a bang.

But then a whisper…


Engulfed in darkness – without feeling, unknowing of space or time – an ethereal flanging called to me through the void. It reached out to me and it pulled and demanded that I returned to my feet. I awoke to a ghastly place of wisps and convoluted space, a world familiar to the one I had known yet twisted and churned into something uncanny – almost familiar.

After what felt like weeks of wandering, I stumbled out onto solid ground, my body finally returning to me. Even so, I was clutch by death once more, stomach aching and muscle deteriorating, it was all I could do to pop the cork off an elixir and gulp down the entirety of the concoction. My once decaying body began the long process of rejuvenation, tendons mending and flesh melding. I had been granted second life..and yet, I saw no other of my pedigree rise from the devastation.

From whence I came, a great and ghastly crater roared with a crackling energy what blended and created a bridge linking The Parallel and our own. Two worlds had begun molting into one creating instability throughout. Creatures from the beyond bled into our realm in physical form, unfamiliar and unadjusted as to threaten our existence.

I used to preach about how all things deserved life and love and passion. Now I know that these are only the things that will lock your simalucra to the infinite. I gave my all to my ideals and since those ideals shackle me to this plane until my work is done.


Daily Prompt: Pedigree

Word of the Day: tempus fugit


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