Legendary Item: The Book of They

Widely considered by modern Abanians to be nothing more than a sort of urban legend, The Book of They – a grimoire originally crafted by the Harbingers – is rumoured to be an artifact predating modern life on Abanancie. The text is said to include thourogh instructions regarding the manipulation of alterplanar energies in order to perform feats of magick. To date no physical representation of this book as been confirmed.

Regarded by many as drug-culture folklore, The Book of They is ultimately a collection of experiences, memories handwritten by thousands of individuals over countless generations recounting the events of their lives and their encounters with alterplanar phenomena such as ‘planar spirits’ or fleeting moments of supernatural talent.

Time and time again modern Abanians have claimed to stumble upon passages from the book. Some claim to have been touched by the alterplanar and have written down their experiences in attempts to pawn them off as legitimate recollections or additions to the book. One particularly distinctive trait of these passages is that they are all written in a mysterious language that has come to be recognized simply as ‘Feyspeak’.

Such passages are translated to the common tongue (Planar) but appear to be little more than ramblings:

Veins picked fresh of gems crush pre melting, chilled to glaze symbols over stabilized and timid grounds. Perfected unity; soul and body seperately combined through blood traded across The Endless Cavity. Consumed by light, the gem saited until starvation sets the field; the body withers. A seed takes its place amongst eternity.


Daily Prompt: Sacred

Word of the Day: bruit


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